Organic Produce Farm Tour

Hostetler’s Organics 69 County Road 530, West Salem, United States

Hostetler’s Organics has been growing OEFFA-certified organic produce since 2005. Each season the farm supplies Green Field Farms Co-op with zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, watermelon, fall squash, hay, and corn. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn techniques to increase production and profitability from a successful grower with years of experience. This event is a part of OEFFA’s 2024 Farm Tour and Workshop Series and is hosted in partnership with the Midwest Vegetable Growers Network. Learn more at

Local Millers Farm Tour

Brandt Family Farm, Local Millers 6100 Basil Western Rd., Carroll, OH, United States

David Brandt was considered the "godfather of regenerative farming." Now, his grandson is running Brandt Family Farm, continuing in his footsteps. Tour around their fields and learn about the Brandts' regenerative farming practices, and even see their seed/grain cleaning machine. Then, Joe and Doris, owners of Local Millers, will show the mills and show how stone milling works.

Artisan Organic Grains and Milling Tour

Mud Run Farm 14126 Millersburg Road, Navarre, United States

Mud Run Farm is a small, organic, diversified farm sitting on 30 acres in northeast Ohio. Certified with OEFFA, the father-daughter duo grow and mill small grains for their region and serve as stewards of organics and the environment. Utilizing horse-drawn equipment and sustainable practices, this tour will showcase their knowledge of organic practices, small grains, and stone milling.

Owl’s Nest Farm Tour

Owl's Nest Farm 550 Gleason Rd., Piketon, OH, United States

See this flower farm's annual production beds, perennial gardens, greenhouse, workshop, and irrigation setup. Please bring a vase or jar so you can pick some flowers to take home.

Nutritious Grains Farm Tour and Grain Growers Chapter Meeting

Next Gen Organic Farms 6444 State Route 65, Leipsic, United States

Next Gen Organic Farms is a father and son operation in northwest Ohio. They travel to four surrounding counties to farm around 900 acres of certified organic corn, soybeans, and wheat. They strive to continue producing strong nutrient-based organic grains for consumers while keeping a good cover crop rotation and maintaining their soil health. An OEFFA Grain Growers Chapter meeting will take place before the tour from 10-11:45 a.m.  

Diversified Fruits Farm Tour

Boulder Berry Farms 5580 Lundy Whitacre Road, Morrow, United States

Boulder Berry Farms is a 143-acre farm located on Todd’s Fork Creek in southwest Ohio. They grow organic elderberries, haskaps, aronia berries, and kiwi berries. The farm also has a herd of purebred KuneKune pigs raised for personal consumption and for breeding stock, feeders, and farm companion sales. This tour will offer an in-depth look at the installation, maintenance, and harvesting of all the specific fruits Boulder Berry grows, as well as their ideas for further farm expansion.

Rock Dove Farm Tour

Rock Dove Farm 5319 State Route 142 SE, West Jefferson, OH, United States

Walk through Rock Dove Farm and hear about some of their collaborative projects with Fox Hollow Farm, beekeepers, aquarium fish farmers, and more. And for the last two seasons the farm underwent a lot of infrastructure projects, in part, through a USDA grant. Check out their updates, including a well, two high tunnels, some ponds, and an ongoing compost and reforestation project.

CSA and Wholesale Farm Tour with Shared Legacy Farms

Shared Legacy Farms 3701 South Schultz-Portage Road, Elmore, United States

Managing a large CSA as well as wholesale outlets takes a great deal of organization and planning. Kurt and Corinna Bench at Shared Legacy Farms have managed to keep both outlets happy and have implemented practices over the years that keep the work streams efficient. Visit this robust multi-generational farm and see how they manage their processes and keep their customers fulfilled with a steady flow of fresh produce throughout the season. Register at the link below.

Livestock Management Farm Tour

MoSo Farm 5686 Enlow Road, Athens, United States

MoSo Farm is a small farm in southeast Ohio raising grass-fed beef and pastured pork for the community. The farmers aim to raise pastured meats in order to regenerate soil, sequester carbon, and provide nutritious food to customers. On this tour, attendees will see how they rotate cattle daily to fresh pasture and manage pigs on pasture, as well as how they planted 510 trees in order to implement silvopasture on 10 acres.

Organic Pork and Mushrooms Farm Tour

Agape Organic Farms 1905 East Dexter Trail, Dansville, MI, United States

Agape Organic Farms specializes in the ethical and sustainable production of purebred Berkshire pigs and more than 28 varieties of gourmet mushrooms sold direct to consumer, retail, and small-scale wholesale avenues. As one of only two certified organic Black-owned farms in Michigan, and the only Black-owned livestock farm, Agape is dedicated to empowering and supporting Black-owned and organic farms.