Climate-Smart Agriculture

This USDA initiative aims to expand markets and strengthen rural America by providing targeted funding to projects that implement and monitor climate-smart practices on farms, ranches, and forests.

This investment directly finances projects that will improve soil health, water quality, and biodiversity as well as fund the research required to verify greenhouse gas reductions and create market opportunities.


OEFFA, along with partners Marbleseed, Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, OFARM, and Tennessee State University, is seeking organic row and grain crop farmers who want to incorporate climate-smart practices into their farm management plans.

  • Producers will receive an enrollment incentive (up to $5,000 per year) that will cost-share the expenses associated with implementing climate-smart agriculture practices.
  • Producers will be supported by technical assistance, education, and coordinators who collect and monitor data associated with greenhouse gas emission reductions and ecosystem services benefits.
  • Marketers will assist in the development of marketing plans aimed at promoting the climate-smart commodities produced.

Want to add cover crop mixes or give new cash crops a try?

Technical assistance

OEFFA provides transitional support to participating farmers, assisting in goal setting, crop planning, organic certification, and technical organic management, including crop rotations.

OEFFA also offers educational workshops, farm tours, programs, and dedicated sustainable agriculture educators to support farmers.

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