Local Millers Farm Tour

Brandt Family Farm, Local Millers 6100 Basil Western Rd., Carroll

David Brandt was considered the "godfather of regenerative farming." Now, his grandson is running Brandt Family Farm, continuing in his footsteps. Tour around their fields and learn about the Brandts' regenerative farming practices, and even see their seed/grain cleaning machine. Then, Joe and Doris, owners of Local Millers, will show the mills and show how stone milling works.

Artisan Organic Grains and Milling Tour

Mud Run Farm 14126 Millersburg Road, Navarre

Mud Run Farm is a small, organic, diversified farm sitting on 30 acres in northeast Ohio. Certified with OEFFA, the father-daughter duo grow and mill small grains for their region and serve as stewards of organics and the environment. Utilizing horse-drawn equipment and sustainable practices, this tour will showcase their knowledge of organic practices, small grains, and stone milling.